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In addition to encouragement along the way, every artist is influenced by someone in their work, whether in their methods, media, or their ideas. For my senior project I wanted to show appreciation to the individuals who have inspired me, shaped who I am, and impacted the work I’ve created.

The initial idea stemmed from the birthday and welcome home posters I would make for family and friends growing up, integrating personal jokes and experiences within the letters of their name. I thought I would incorporate the qualities and characteristics of those who have inspired me in the same way, however this form was a bit limiting for what I had in mind. I began to explore more complex ways to get my ideas across in a more cohesive composition.

One thing that has always interested me is the relationship between negative and positive space in high contrast imagery. I found that especially with animation and comics that using only black and white lent the content a sense of gravity and intensity, catching the eye in a way that more gradient images did not.

Below there are two sliders, where black and white versions of my projects can be seen alongside their color counterparts to show how different a composition can be viewed when seen in black and white vs full color. 

My senior project is a combination of these ideas. The collaged imagery is representative of the personality traits and accomplishments of those who have inspired me, while the high contrast style unites these images into a cohesive composition.

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