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For my project, I created and designed a site page reflecting the ideas I have for a hypothetical, nautical-themed bakery. This project was meant to explore my interest in graphic design as well as the tactile arts, and includes elements of each, such as logos, signage, and two- and three-dimensional pieces.

I originally decided on this project because it combines two of my favorite pastimes, art and baking, and I thought it would be enjoyable to create something based on my love for both. However, throughout the process, I have realized that there is much more of a connection between these two activities than just the fact that I enjoy them. Throughout my art education, I have learned to appreciate the importance of starting from scratch; much like in baking, it is advantageous to begin with the “raw ingredients”. Even when creating digital artwork, it is crucial to start with simple sketches, to put your ideas on paper, to work with your hands and use tangible materials to formulate your thoughts. Jumping straight to the canvas or computer is like using a cake mix-- it works, but it won’t yield the best results. If, however, you do take the time and effort to deliberate and sketch out your thoughts, to explore all your options and discover what works and what doesn’t, you have a much better chance at producing something successful.

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