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Euphorbia is a large genus of plants whose symbolic meaning is “persistence,” known for its ability to adapt and thrive under harsh conditions. This Spring 2020 semester has meant, for all of us Stern College Studio Art graduates, that we’ve had to work under our own “harsh conditions.” Midway through the semester, the onset of the coronavirus pandemic forced us out of our classrooms and dorms, and we all headed home with as many art supplies as we could fit into our bags. Our homes became our creative workspaces, and for many of us, that meant we could no longer complete our senior projects in the way we had imagined them.  But, like the Euphorbia plant, we adapted.  We thought quickly and made adjustments to our projects. When it became clear that we would not be able to exhibit our projects in a physical space, we designed a virtual gallery to showcase our endeavors.  

We created a space for our work to thrive. 

At some point we hope you can experience the show in person; until then, the 2020 graduates of the Stern College Studio Art program invite you to explore this inaugural virtual edition of the 11th Annual Stern Senior Show: Euphorbia.

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