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Neriah Hadad

Everyone struggles to find the inner beauty within themselves. This assortment of mixed-media canvases thematically and visually connect not only my interest in fashion, photography, and art, but also reflect on themes of self love and self loathing. I used my own photography to create photo collages, as well as incorporated my painting skills. The black, straight lines portrayed in all but one of the canvases represent the feeling of self loathing and being put in a box. The black lines never connect to show the process of the box coming apart in order to finally achieve self love. Therefore, the final canvas doesn’t have any black straight lines to show the fulfillment of self love. The canvases are arranged in the evolution from self loathing to self love.

By repeating the same techniques, shapes, and colors, the pieces connect visually and thematically as well as emphasize the importance and meaning of the themes. The repetition of the visual elements not only unifies the pieces, but also shows that even though she is evolving into a new person, her past is always with her. 


This series follows the journey of a girl overcoming self-loathing and reaching the point of self love through the evolution process of revulsion, perception, ambition, reflection, emersion, and infatuation.

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