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Goldie Sion

My senior project reflects how I want to practice art therapy.

It all started when I asked a variety of people to visualize specific emotions and based on that experience I developed my own series of graphite and digital ideas. I started my research by interacting with people and asking them to draw how they picture each emotion I gave them and to write down their own definition of it. The list of emotions were: Anxiety, trapped, fear, awkwardness, confusion, excitement, freedom, and sympathy. I asked people of all ages and both male and female. The responses I got were remarkable. Being able to dive deep into the human mind was fascinating and very educational. It opened up my mind to this vast world with so many different perspectives. When Corona hit I had to be more creative on how I wanted to move forward with this project. I ended up doing my own graphite drawings on the emotions I had listed before. I was able to experience the other side of this project and I loved it. I was able not only to see how other people felt and expressed their emotions but also mine! The graphite drawings were so expressive and liberating, I loved it so much I wanted to try it on a different medium which was digital illustrations. I used colors on this part of the project to help me express myself further. It brought movement and life to the images I was creating. I’m hoping that this project will help people be expressive and not be afraid to communicate their feelings and even more so in a creative way. 

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