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My older brother’s attention to detail and innovative thinking taught me many things in life and led me to establish the philosophy for the collection that I will be sharing today. Max’s love for fashion and innovation trickled down into the most basic items hanging in his closet. A specific blue graphic T-Shirt had always stuck out to me because of the story it held. He viewed the main graphic on the tee as more captivating when worn inside-out. He would often receive comments informing him of the fact but his response was instinctive, “It’s inside out on purpose because it looks cooler this way.” When the shirt was eventually passed down to me, I honored the history and continued to wear it as so. When I began receiving the comments just as he did, I did not think twice before responding, “It looks cooler this way.” The instinctive and unapologetic reaction sparked the idea for a streetwear brand that revolves around garments intentionally produced to be worn inside-out. 

The inspiration continues under Louis XV’s reign in 18th century Europe when fascination with all things Asian reached its peak. With the lack of first-hand experience, the ways of the Eastern world were mysteriously intriguing. The mystique led the British and French population to embrace and, in many ways, appropriate Asian motifs in art, fashion, and home furnishings. The juxtaposition between decorative Chinoiserie and explosive French fashion of the Rococo era create a detailed union, mirrored in the patterns used below. Studying the history of art at all levels aided in conducting successful primary and contemporary research in preparation for my collection. 

The entirety of my fine arts education has opened my eyes to understanding the world through color theory and obscure attention to detail. The joint program between Yeshiva University and The Fashion Institute of Technology provided me with the tools to proficiently utilize the adobe creative suite while simultaneously understanding the functionality of garments. In designing and producing the It Looks Cooler this Way line, these skills allowed me to create the original hand-drawn logos, digital fashion mockups, fashion sketches, and mixed media collages. Further, I completed an independent study in Zine making over the past year that inspired me to incorporate an electronic catalogue of collage art as the main branding avenue for the collection. 

Computer design and fashion design are both heavily founded upon precision and perception. There is a reason Max believed that wearing his shirt this way was “cooler”. It is, on a technical level, more attractive to the eye because of the subtle details it encapsulates, similar to traditional chinoiserie. To intentionally replicate an inside-out shirt, one must study the shift in detail. When dealing with the inside-out garment, the manipulation of color presents itself as faded and lightened. To replicate this effect, I've applied the soft light filter to the logo at 100%-70% opacity. Further, the seams on all the garments in the collection will present as inside out and the tags will be sewn on the outer neck. With this project, I hope to convince you that art is intelligent, just as it is a science of perception and precision.    

It Looks Cooler This way, or ILCTW, is not only a brand but an ideology. It encapsulates living unapologetically through detailed function. We, as humans, must not fear the reaction we may get when attempting authenticity, but thrive off of it. Make the active decision every day to think differently, because it’s cooler this way.   

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