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Just like my plans, my senior project changed (a few times if I’m being honest). In these ever confusing times, I went back to painting and drawing what makes me feel calm, and that is water. I have always been a water person and admired its ability to flow no matter what might be in its way. There is a story of Rabbi Akiva when he was just a mere shepherd. The story goes that he went to a brook for water and noticed that there was a huge stone that the water continuously dropped on, creating a hole and letting the water through. This led him to think that “if a drop of water can soften this stone, then little by little I can learn Torah and soften my own heart.” This little drop of water led him to become one of our most learned and greatest Rabbis. This story is one that I have always held dear and truly relates to what water has meant to me. Water is our lifeline, without it we would cease to exist, and for myself and many others, without art I truly would not know what to do.

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