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I think of myself as a chaotic force and I like to think that reflects in my art, exploding bits of my brain and soul onto paper and in sculpture. I try not to overthink what I’m doing or prematurely judge my art as good or bad, I just do it when the inspiration hits and analyze it afterwards. I prefer working with traditional physical media and my style ranges from abstract, messy, and scribbly to precise, detailed, and realistic. I enjoy experimenting with different styles and mediums and take inspiration from a variety of sources. A theme that has popped up in my art this past year has been making pages of lyrics from songs I enjoy. I often find when I discover a lyric that resonates in me, it bounces around in my head for days and weeks, and the best way to release it is to channel it into a piece of art. I also have quite a few pieces with anatomical drawings of bones. I enjoy taking these serious and scientific elements and juxtaposing them with fun elements like bright colors and glitter, bringing together the opposite ends of my style. I’ve grown a lot as an artist during my time in Stern under the heads of the art department and am forever grateful for their expertise and patience.

Shayna Weiss

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