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In the Jewish culture when getting married, 7 blessings are said under the canopy (Chuppah). Although I am not currently married I have always felt a connection with these 7 blessings. Each blessing is not only blessing the bride and groom, but also the witness, rabbis, family members, and the Jewish nation as a whole. Through my project, Eternity, all 7 blessing’s deep meanings can be found. The triptych entertains the idea that G-d ultimately runs the world and that HE is the higher entity. The homeland HE created for HIS nation will be upheld to the highest standards and will be loves with open arms. As the couple unites they are not seen as two separate entities rather as a single soul created by the unification of two people. The viewer has a chance to find the hidden and even deeper meanings of each blessing and how they combine into the triptych. These paintings not only to show the greatness of the blessings but also to show their ultimate value and the awe in which G-d can create.

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