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Ariella Rand

Words are powerful and I want to represent that by altering the way words are seen. Instead of creating a regular book, I decided to add some color to the otherwise colorless page. The text is semi-blocked by colorful markers so the words are still seen but illegible. Words are something we use every day so I wanted to manipulate the way they are physically seen in a book.  The text used is a page from the series “Harry Potter”. I wanted to find a text that would be universally recognized and a book many people feel a connection to. Rather than using a pre-made book I decided to create my own book using foam and cardboard. It is a glued open book so it changes the normal interaction of reading a book. Rather than turning the pages to create a story through the text, the book is always open to reveal the art in the book. Words are used everyday. They help us express how we feel and interact with the world. By manipulating a page of a book it reminds us about the importance of words and that words have meaning. 

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