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Dassie Okin

     She is irascible. Don't tell her she's just "angry" and to "stop using big words;" she is irascible. Miffed. Incensed. Maybe even peeved, but not simply angry. Emotion this complex deserves a full-bodied word to express it. No, she is not showing off, not trying to make you feel bad or stupid. Rather, she can't help it that every word rolling around in her mouth tastes delicious and makes her ravenous for more, each consonant like an exotic spice. So when she sends you a text properly punctuated, capitalized only where it needs to be, you should realize that she does it not to look impressive, but to show that she thinks every human being is worth the extra ten seconds it takes to add the necessary commas. Her words are one of the few things she has control of in this universe and she values them accordingly. 

     With them she creates something more lasting than herself, stronger than her frail flesh could ever be. Each utterance is a brick in her city in the sky, each comma, the mortar. If nothing else survives her, these shining edifices will pay testament to her life, her beliefs, her truths. And the truth shall set her free.

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