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I had always gravitated towards fine art most of my life and valued the unparalleled ability to draw or paint an image into existence. I soon discovered graphic design and how endlessly powerful it too can be when used as an art medium. For me, textile design was the perfect fusion of disciplines. It was an opportunity for me to utilize the skills that I have been taught both in fine art and digital media. Originally, I had planned to create an imitation room in the museum by producing my designs onto wallpaper and fabrics for upholstering furniture, blankets, throw pillows, drapes, and various finishes. However, it became apparent that this year’s senior exhibition would not be happening in the traditional setting and us seniors had to get creative in reimagining how our projects would exist solely on a digital platform. This is when I pivoted. I was still determined to create my textiles and concluded that since the manner in which my work is displayed will change, my art will just have to adjust with it. I decided to embrace this new online format and reflect it in my designs by focusing more on digital painting and motifs. Color reduced, put into repeat, and ready for production, I am happy to share my five original textile collections.